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Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Val Gempis. F Fighting Falcon flies towards Rimini, Italy to join with the Italian air force in a training mission. The mission involved U.

F aircrews locating and authenticating survivors and coordinate pickup with Italian rescue crews. Fs were also tasked with escorting helicopters to protect them from air and ground threats.

This is the first ever tasking of a full-time combat search and rescue mission for Fs from the th Fighter Squadron. Air Force photo by Tech. Dave Ahlschwede. The wing participated in Combat Archer training at Tyndall. Don Taggart. Skip to main content Press Enter. F Fighting Falcon Published September 23, Related Links. Mission The F Fighting Falcon is a compact, multi-role fighter aircraft. It is highly maneuverable and has proven itself in air-to-air combat and air-to-surface attack.

It provides a relatively low-cost, high-performance weapon system for the United States and allied nations. Features In an air combat role, the F's maneuverability and combat radius distance it can fly to enter air combat, stay, fight and return exceed that of all potential threat fighter aircraft. It can locate targets in all weather conditions and detect low flying aircraft in radar ground clutter.

In an air-to-surface role, the F can fly more than miles kilometersdeliver its weapons with superior accuracy, defend itself against enemy aircraft, and return to its starting point. An all-weather capability allows it to accurately deliver ordnance during non-visual bombing conditions.Designed as an air superiority day fighterit evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft.

Over 4, aircraft have been built since production was approved in Air Force, improved versions are being built for export customers.

F-16 Fighting Falcon

The F has an internal M61 Vulcan cannon and 11 locations for mounting weapons and other mission equipment. The F's official name is "Fighting Falcon", but "Viper" is commonly used by its pilots and crews, due to a perceived resemblance to a viper snake as well as the Colonial Viper starfighter on Battlestar Galactica which aired at the time the F entered service.

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In addition to active duty in the U. The F has also been procured to serve in the air forces of 25 other nations. Experiences in the Vietnam War revealed the need for air superiority fighters and better air-to-air training for fighter pilots.

Boyd's work called for a small, lightweight aircraft that could maneuver with the minimum possible energy loss and which also incorporated an increased thrust-to-weight ratio. Air Force F-X proponents remained hostile to the concept because they perceived it as a threat to the F program.

However, the Air Force's leadership understood that its budget would not allow it to purchase enough F aircraft to satisfy all of its missions.

This was the region where USAF studies predicted most future air combat would occur. This production plan, though, was only notional, as the USAF had no firm plans to procure the winner. Five companies responded, and inthe Air Staff selected General Dynamics' Model and Northrop's P for the follow-on prototype development and testing phase.

The mix gained broad acceptance by the time of the prototypes' flyoff, defining the relationship of the LWF and the F Its actual first flight occurred accidentally during a high-speed taxi test on 20 January While gathering speed, a roll-control oscillation caused a fin of the port-side wingtip-mounted missile and then the starboard stabilator to scrape the ground, and the aircraft then began to veer off the runway.

The test pilot, Phil Oestricher, decided to lift off to avoid a potential crash, safely landing six minutes later. The slight damage was quickly repaired and the official first flight occurred on time. The YF's first supersonic flight was accomplished on 5 Februaryand the second YF prototype first flew on 9 May This was followed by the first flights of Northrop's YF prototypes on 9 June and 21 Augustrespectively.

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During the flyoff, the YFs completed sorties for a total of flight hours; [25] the YFs flew sorties, covering hours. Increased interest turned the LWF into a serious acquisition program.

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon variants

The U. Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger in April Northrop offered the P Cobra, which was similar to the YF On 11 Septemberthe U. Air Force confirmed plans to order the winning ACF design to equip five tactical fighter wings. Though computer modeling predicted a close contest, the YF proved significantly quicker going from one maneuver to the next, and was the unanimous choice of those pilots that flew both aircraft. Air Force initially ordered 15 "Full-Scale Development" FSD aircraft 11 single-seat and four two-seat models for its flight test program, but was reduced to eight six FA single-seaters and two FB two-seaters.

The fuselage was lengthened by One of the most versatile aircraft in the U. With over 1, Fs in service, the platform has been adapted to complete a number of missions, including air-to-air fighting, ground attack and electronic warfare.

In an air combat role, the F's maneuverability and combat radius distance it can fly to enter air combat, stay, fight and return exceed that of all potential threat fighter aircraft. It can locate targets in all weather conditions and detect low flying aircraft in radar ground clutter. In an air-to-surface role, the F fighting falcon can fly more than miles kilometersdeliver its weapons with superior accuracy, defend itself against enemy aircraft, and return to its starting point. An all-weather capability allows it to accurately deliver ordnance during non-visual bombing conditions.

In designing the F, advanced aerospace science and proven reliable systems from other aircraft such as the F and F were selected. These were combined to simplify the airplane and reduce its size, purchase price, maintenance costs and weight.

The light weight of the fuselage is achieved without reducing its strength. With a full load of internal fuel, the F can withstand up to nine G's -- nine times the force of gravity -- which exceeds the capability of other current fighter aircraft. The cockpit and its bubble canopy give the pilot unobstructed forward and upward vision, and greatly improved vision over the side and to the rear.

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The seat-back angle was expanded from the usual 13 degrees to 30 degrees, increasing pilot comfort and gravity force tolerance. The pilot has excellent flight control of the F through its "fly-by-wire" system. Electrical wires relay commands, replacing the usual cables and linkage controls. For easy and accurate control of the aircraft during high G-force combat maneuvers, a side stick controller is used instead of the conventional center-mounted stick.

Hand pressure on the side stick controller sends electrical signals to actuators of flight control surfaces such as ailerons and rudder.

Avionics systems include a highly accurate enhanced global positioning and inertial navigation systems, or EGI, in which computers provide steering information to the pilot.

It also has a warning system and modular countermeasure pods to be used against airborne or surface electronic threats. The fuselage has space for additional avionics systems. The FA, a single-seat model, first flew in December The FB, a two-seat model, has tandem cockpits that are about the same size as the one in the A model. Its bubble canopy extends to cover the second cockpit. To make room for the second cockpit, the forward fuselage fuel tank and avionics growth space were reduced.

During training, the forward cockpit is used by a student pilot with an instructor pilot in the rear cockpit. All Fs delivered since November have built-in structural and wiring provisions and systems architecture that permit expansion of the multirole flexibility to perform precision strike, night attack and beyond-visual-range interception missions. These countries jointly produced with the United States an initial Fs for their air forces. Final airframe assembly lines were located in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The consortium's Fs are assembled from components manufactured in all five countries. Belgium also provides final assembly of the F engine used in the European Fs. Recently, Portugal joined the consortium. The long-term benefits of this program will be technology transfer among the nations producing the F, and a common-use aircraft for NATO nations. This program increases the supply and availability of repair parts in Europe and improves the F's combat readiness. USAF F multirole fighters were deployed to the Persian Gulf in in support of Operation Desert Storm, where more sorties were flown than with any other aircraft.

These fighters were used to attack airfields, military production facilities, Scud missiles sites and a variety of other targets. Mission results were outstanding as these fighters destroyed radar sites, vehicles, tanks, MiGs and buildings. Since Sept. Have you ever wondered what helicopter pilots carry on them?According to this standard, F is the only correct designation for the Fighting Falcon.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for non-aviation publications to incorrectly use F16 Fighting Falcon or even f16 Fighting Falcon. The winning entry was submitted by TSgt. Joseph A. On May 11th,TSgt. Letter from the Dept. Being in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy, my family and I used to visit there quite often especially during their football seasons.

As you probably know the Falcon the bird species is the school mascot, so this is where I got the idea from when given the opportunity to name an aircraft. The name "Fighting Falcon" also helped distinguish the F from the "Falcon" series of business jets from French manufacturer Dassault. Nowadays it's simply referred to as LM Lockheed-Martin. The F is often referred to as the "Viper", a nickname especially popular with people involved with the F Before "Fighting Falcon" was selected as official name, pilots at Hill AFB, the first F base, came up with a number of proposals, including "Viper".

However, I think Northrop had already taken that name for the YF We all voted, and Viper came in really high. Seems there was a series on TV that had 'colonial Vipers' flying off of Battlestar Galactica a term later used for the Eagle. In any case, the Generals didn't want a plane 'named after some snake'! Falcon was a good name, and it fit in with the motif that the Eagle had created. Sort of a little brother, but still a 'Bird of Prey'.

In fact, GD had a great promo out in late 70's called "Bird of Prey", and it used the Falcon as the real world model.

Even when F Fighting Falcon became the official name, Viper stuck around and became the unofficial nickname for the F The name "Viper" is even officially used for the Joe Bill Dreyden "Semper Viper" award, which is awarded for excellent airmanship by F pilots.

See the F McAdoo Greg D. Fieser Crazyal Deepspace. Welcome, anonymous guest! F Reference. Introduction Ever wondered about the origin of the name "F Fighting Falcon"?

Or is it F Viper?The details of the F variants, along with major modification programs and derivative designs significantly influenced by the F, are described below. The first YF was rolled out at Fort Worth on 13 December and accidentally accomplished its first flight on 21 Januaryfollowed by its scheduled "first flight" on 2 February The second prototype first flew on 9 March Over the years, these aircraft have been used as test demonstrators for a variety of research, development and modification study programs.

Most were later upgraded to the Block 10 configuration in the early s. There were 94 Block 1, Block 5, and Block 10 aircraft produced. Block 1 is the early production model with the radome painted black. It was discovered that the Block 1 aircraft's black radome became an obvious visual identification cue at long range, so the color of the radome was changed to the low-visibility grey for Block 5 aircraft.

During the operation of F Block 1, it was discovered that rainwater could accumulate in certain spots within the fuselage, so drainage holes were drilled in the forward fuselage and tail fin area for Block 5 aircraft.

The Soviet Union significantly reduced the export of titanium during the late s, so the manufacturers of the F used aluminum instead wherever practical. New methods were also used: the corrugated aluminum is bolted to the epoxy surface for Block 10 aircraft, replacing the old method of aluminum honeycomb being glued to the epoxy surface used in earlier aircraft. Block 15 is the most numerous variant of the F, with produced.

The last one was delivered in to Thailand. Block 25 introduced a very substantial improvement in cockpit avionics, including improved fire-control and stores management computers, an Up-Front Controls UFC integrated data control panel, data-transfer equipment, multifunction displaysradar altimeterand many other changes.

From this point on, blocks ending in "0" e. The first Block 30 F entered service in Since the Block 32 retained the Pratt and Whitney F engine, the smaller normal shock inlet was retained for those aircraft. A total of aircraft were produced and delivered to six countries. The CFTs are mounted above the wing, on both sides of the fuselage and are easily removable. It adds 30 cu ft L to the airframe for more avionics with only small increases in weight and drag.

All 48 aircraft were delivered in FE single seat and FF two seat. The 'Block 60' designation had also previously been set aside in for the A, but this model was dropped. At one time, this version was incorrectly thought to have been designated "FU".

Falcon Edge, which was developed by Northrop Grumman specifically for the Block 60, is capable of showing not only the bearing of any threat but also the range. This has the added benefit of freeing up hardpoints for weapons that otherwise would have been occupied by underwing fuel tanks. According to press reports quoted by Flight Internationalthis is "the first time the US has sold a better aircraft [F] overseas than its own forces fly". In the UAE requested an upgrade to Block 61, along with the purchase of 30 more aircraft at that level.

Air Force and several international customers for future improvements.

f 16 fighting falcon

This can be fitted on new production Fs or retrofitted on existing ones. The upgrade of its aircraft fleet started in January and is expected to complete by Begun inairframes were modified.The General Dynamics F Fighting Falcon is a multi-role fighter built by the United States and used by dozens of countries worldwide.

Since the beginning, the F was designed as a workhorse of low cost, which could carry out various types of missions and be maintained at comparatively low expense. It is much simpler and lighter than its predecessors, and uses aerodynamics and Electronic Avionics including the first use of flight fly-by-wireacquiring the nickname "e jet"which helps it attain excellent performance.

Basically, this sets it apart from predecessors, many of which were not designed to operate in all weather conditions. Unlike other fighters, which had characteristics of specific jobs, such as F Starfighter that was too expensive, and others made for specific operations on aircraft carriers like the F Tomcat. Although the official name of the popular F is " Fighting Falcon "Is also referred to as" Viper ," which was the code name at General Dynamics for the project during the design phase.

f 16 fighting falcon

The F is small and nimble, with the pilot sitting above the fuselage. This offers the pilot excellent visibility, crucial when dogfighting. To this end, the F has a M61 Vulcan and can be equipped with air-to-air missiles. However, the F was also designed for air-to-ground combat to support to ground forces, if necessary. To this end, the F can be equipped with a wide range of missiles or bombs.

The F comes from a series of U. Department of Defense specifications, developed in The F was the chosen prototype, showing superior performance to the assessment committee; The U.

The U. Air Force. In theory, new orders could still be fulfilled, but in practice, there is little interest in building more, due to the large number of Fs that are in reserve at AMARC Over unitswhile awaiting delivery of the new F Lightning II.

Basically, the F has remained in production due to foreign orders. This demonstrates the success of the program and for an aircraft in active production for thirty years.

F-16 Performs Fantastic Touch-And-Go, With Two Rolls

The model F are designated by a numerical sequence of blocks. Each block represents significant changes in the capabilities of the aircraft. The goal would be to maintain standardization between aircraft of the same block and implement these changes into already delivered aircraft, upgrading them to the new standard. This is the main factor that enables the F keep fighting for so long, despite the rapid technological evolution. It is the most numerous variant.

The on-board computers have been significantly upgraded. Can fire missiles and bombs advanced.

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This release and the Block 60 is the version currently offered by Lockheed in competitions and they were asked by Chile, Singapore, Pakistan, Poland and Greece. Also under study by Taiwan and India.Tottenham will be looking to get back to winning ways against Stoke while Crystal Palace and Swansea both have vital home fixtures against Bournemouth and West Brom in the 3pm fixtures. Leicester will be confident of getting a result away at Newcastle this evening (5. Arsenal travel to Southampton (12pm), Liverpool host Everton in the Merseyside derby (2.

Take a look through the gallery above to see how we think each Premier League team will get on during the latest round of matches. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. There are a lot of different storylines at play on Sunday, when the 10-2 Eagles visit the 9-3 Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in what will likely be the biggest game of Week 14.

Not only will the game feature a matchup of two of the top teams in the NFC, it will also be the first head-to-head matchup between Rams quarterback (and former No. Then there's the whole Eagles-practicing-in-LA angle, as well as the comparisons between the two upstart teams' young coaches, Doug Pederson and Sean McVay.

But perhaps the most interesting angle is something I came across earlier on Friday while rounding up the experts' picks from around the country. It came from NFL. The Eagles will try to make this a grind it out rushing attack game, as the Rams' biggest weakness is defending the run. The Eagles have a significant advantage on the ground, while I don't see a big difference in these two teams through the air.

I admittedly do not feel great about this game. It seems like a good opportunity for a bounce back, but you think back over the last month or so and there have been a fair amount of slow starts against good and bad completion alike. Playing with fire on a weekly basis will eventually come back and burn you. But given their performance so far this season, I think Pederson, Wentz and the gang deserve some benefit of the doubt to prove they can bounce back.

And besides, this could end up being a borderline home game for the Eagles. The network broadcasting the game is hiring Rams fans to show up for pre-game, for crying out loud.

f 16 fighting falcon

It wasn't easy to pick the Eagles in this one, especially since I picked them a week ago and was wrong. But before the team embarked on this current two-game swing out west, I was fairly confident that they would return to Philly on Monday with a 1-1 record in those two games.

It just turns out that I picked the wrong game.

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

Had the Birds won in Seattle, their inevitable reality check would've come this week in L. But since that wasn't the case, I think its safe to say the Eagles will bounce back this week at the Coliseum, which will likely be filled with more fans wearing midnight green than blue and gold. I don't believe the Rams defense will be good enough to keep the Birds high-flying offense in check, so the real matchup in this one will likely be between the Eagles defense and the Rams offense.

f 16 fighting falcon

And while Goff and Wentz will be getting most of the headlines, the real difference-maker on Sunday could be Todd Gurley, who is currently on pace for over 2,000 yards from scrimmage this season.

One way the Eagles offense can help limit Gurley's damage is by getting an early lead and forcing Goff to throw on them, something they were unable to do against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.

MORE ON THE EAGLESWeek 14 NFL predictions: Rounding up the experts' picks for Eagles-RamsFOX seeks actors to be Los Angeles Rams fans for Eagles gameMailbag: Where does Doug Pederson rank among the 2016 NFL coaching hires.

Zach Ertz returns to practiceNot only will the game feature a matchup of two of the top teams in the NFC, it will also be the first head-to-head matchup between Rams quarterback (and former No. In other words, expect a tight game on Sunday, one in which almost anything can happen.

See this section for more details.

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