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olhydra 5e

Roll20 for Android. Roll20 for iPad. Community Toggle Dropdown. Searches must be at least 3 characters. Traits Hold Breath : The hydra can hold its breath for 1 hour. Multiple Heads : The hydra has five heads.

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While it has more than one head, the hydra has advantage on Saving Throws against being BlindedCharmedDeafenedFrightenedStunnedand knocked Unconscious. Whenever the hydra takes 25 or more damage in a single turn, one of its heads dies. If all its heads die, the hydra dies. At the end of its turn, it grows two heads for each of its heads that died since its last turn, unless it has taken fire damage since its last turn.Login My Library Wishlists. New Account or Log In.

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olhydra 5e

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How tough is a bard with Constitution of 14, really? What does it mean for my character when I roll poorly and have to drive the 3-Charisma barbarian? I put together this list a few years ago to try to put this in simple language. For one thing, the minimum you can get is 4th is a score of 3, and the minimum the system wants you to have is 8 since it discouraging rolling for stats at all.

Stats also always scale with level and there are no magical ways to modify them, so it feel more like the ability scores are shoved to the back end of the character sheet, used in other calculations but meaningless for an actual description of a character. The Definition of Charisma. Not sure how often you check these, but just wanted to thank you for this list.

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Or adapted from another work? I made it up, using brain thinking. Most of the time Charisma is how good with people someone is.

Charisma is your presence. Intimidation is charisma based. Beholders and dragons have high charisma. Not because they say please and thank you or know any good knock knock jokes. The author gives almost all baseball players an DEX.

olhydra 5e

That alone should be a huge red flag to anyone that knows anything at all about baseball…. Their job is to be at peak physical ability specifically in the context of hitting and throwing small, fast-moving objects. An ordinary person who has no training, experience, or equipment would need a Dex of 18 or 19 to compete with them.

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Ability scores are not the only thing that goes into a character. A prof. This is how the people of Faerun see them; Derrik — Derrik is a slightly shorter than most dwarf with wavy black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. However, what weight Derrik has, is tied into his muscles, as he is visibly toned. He tends to have an average amount of common sense, though he can read people and situations better than most.

Aemon — Aemon is a normal human. His stunning blue-green eyes, and warm brown hair makes up for this. His stunning smile tends to pull people into conversations with him, and makes women give him a second look. Occasionally, he makes a good decision… not where women are involved, though!

He seems to turn into putty around them!

olhydra 5e

I saw him in a bar fight once, and he was barely holding his own… until he tripped on his shoelace. Lara — Lara is a very pretty red-headed pixie. For being so tiny and frail, I was surprised how fast she was when someone threw a rock at her!

So she just gave them a lecture on how to be more aware of their surroundings next time. Xzilliana — For being a half-orc, her gray skin, black hair, and light blue eyes make her quite stunning.Gary Gygax created the first archomentals - or, as he called them, "Princes of Elemental Evil" - in this edition.

These appeared in the Fiend Folio sourcebook. None of them made an appearance until the 3rd of the Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendixes, which focused on the denizens of the Elemental Planes. Why did they go out of their way to fill this grid without adding a Good-aligned Ice archomental or any Archomentals at all for any of the other three paraelemental planes?

Good question! The Archomentals were given their official name of "Archomental" in Dragon Magazine for this era, with the Archomentals of Evil appearing in Dragon and their Good counterparts appearing in Dragon This ticked off the Primordials, and so they fought the Dawn War. The gods killed and imprisoned a huge bunch of Primordials, and others were corrupted into the first Demon Lords, and so the Dawn War came to an end.

Because 4e went for the Elemental Chaos rather than the rigid grid-system of Planescape and its Elemental, Quasimental and Paraelemental Planes, its Primordials were a very diverse bunch, with figures like Atropus imagine a frigging planet made of undead flesh 'n' bone and you got the right ideaIktha-Lau embodiment of deep space and the empty void and Mual-tar a freaking huge-ass dragon-thing of stormclouds and lightning chained down by rune-etched chains with links the size of castles.

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For a tentative list - and do note that some of these appeared in earlier editions as either Archomentals or elemental gods There's also this big list of Primordials that appeared in "The Plane Below" sourcebook for 4e, which WoTC generously put up on their website for ease of access.

The original Archomentals are back in a huge way, serving as the final bosses of the Princes of the Apocalypse story book from Wizards itself. They have statblocks, and while they're nerfed a bit from their old forms, they can still murder whole parties thanks to their absurd AOE abilities.

Cryonax isn't kicking around much, but the other four are still active and trying to vigorously expand their cults by preying on mentally unbalanced adventurers in the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk.

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Cryonax does get a mention, though, as potentially being controlled by a powerful magic ring that Frost Giants spend all of Storm Kings' Thunder and Tomb of Annihilation trying to steal. Pathfinder 's equivalent is known as the eight Elemental Lords. The evil Elemental Lords have imprisoned the good ones in magic gems, but the Pathfinder Society freed Ranginori as part of 's organized play season.

These eight aren't the only demigods of the elemental planes though. Feronia is described as a neutrally aligned demigod from the plane of fire. SunnisZaaman Rul and Chan. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. Too much money? Support 1d4chan. Wiki tools Wiki tools Upload file Special pages.

Page tools Page tools. Userpage tools. Transitive Planes :. Astral Dreadnought - Githyanki. Dabus - Cranium Rats.Arguably the most powerful of the archoelementals, she seeks divinity, attaining it through the worship of a multitude of wicked creatures that declare her as a goddess on many worlds. Olhydra appears as a constantly crashing wave some twenty feet in diameter, forming a face and limbs out of the elemental stuff of her composition. She dissolves and reforms in a constant cycle.

Olhydra is served by an army of water elementals, and also by numerous wicked aquatic creatures, including sahagin, vodyanoi, seawolves, and eyes of the deep, among others. Her greatest allies are her massive forces of water wierds, which torment people throughout the plane. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Physical Appearance Edit Olhydra appears as a constantly crashing wave some twenty feet in diameter, forming a face and limbs out of the elemental stuff of her composition.

Combat Edit Olhydra is served by an army of water elementals, and also by numerous wicked aquatic creatures, including sahagin, vodyanoi, seawolves, and eyes of the deep, among others. Categories :.

D&D 5th Edition

Cancel Save.Here is a list of the 50 most powerful monsters you can find in the game. You can expect a lot of dragons on this list. Count Strahd von Zarovich i s a vampire lord, who rules over the valley of Barovia. Ages ago he made a pact with the Dark Powers of the Shadowfell, granting him immortality. However, it turned him into a vampire, and the valley became his prison from which he can never escape. They live deep underground, and their aggressiveness comes from their natural instinct.

Powerful mummy lords are very powerful spellcasters, and are usually the guardians of the tombs of great wizards or priests. Also known as storm dragons, these creatures are famous for their manipulative nature. They deceive lone travellers, and try to make them go crazy rather than just consume or kill them.

They deceive lone travellers, and try to make them go crazy rather than just consume, or kill them. Their breath lets out huge bolts of lighting. Unlike their chromatic brothers, silver dragons are a friendly type of dragon, who are not aggressive by nature. They often live amongst lesser beings like humans, and take their form to blend in. They do not enjoy fighting, but if provoked, they are as deadly as any of the other dragons.

These enormous metallic constructs are one of the most powerful guardians of great wizards or clerics. These soldiers are near invincible, and able destroy their enemies with a sing swing. These demonic creatures are the strategists of the Demon Lords in the Abyss.

As their advisor and generals of the hordes, they could bring destruction to any place where their path leads them. Much like the Mariliths, the Planetars are commanders too, but for the armies of celestials. Thy tend to aid powerful mortals against evil as well. This legendary being is one of the most powerful storm giants ever knoww. Storm giants are a very intellegent type of giant whose main responsibility is throw lightning bolts across mountains.

Half dragon, half undead…. The strongest and most unique type of the metallic dragons, the gold dragons are the peak of their race.

They are well respected by every living creature. The selfish red dragons are only interested in their treasures, and destruction.He somewhat resembled a yeti with two tentacles in place of each arm. He radiates an aura of terrible cold, said to chill both the body and soul of those around him. Within his plane Cryonax resides in the Chiseled Estate.

A massive ornate fortress constructed of ice, rock crystal, and glass that rises a mile above the surface. It is claimed to be the coldest region in his entire plane, though in reality its frigid temperatures are surpassed by the Mountain of Ultimate Winter. Cryonax's primary goal is raise the influence of his domain, constantly seeking out territory among the elemental planes to conquer, so that it may one day become a fifth base elemental plane.

Though Cryonax is a careful schemer and he has much grander ambitions beyond that, plotting to one day surpass and usurp the other elemental forces of the Inner planes. And beyond that, he strives to one day freeze the entire multiverse. He also seeks to unleash the Archdevil Levistusbut for what reason is unknown. Unlike the other Evil Archomentals, there is neither a ruler of an opposing elemental force or Good Archomental counterpart actively competing against his interests.

The closest thing to the former is Chilimbabut Cryonax does not consider them a credible threat. On his own plane Cryonax is opposed by the Great White Wyrm, Albrathanilara potent and cunning wizard.

His army consists of ice archons[12] frost giantsice crabsice mephitsice paraelementalsice toadswhite dragonswhite puddingswinter wolvesand druids who specialize in cold-based magic. One legend claimed that Cryonax was once a demon lord who had tried and failed to conquer the Elemental Chaos. A djinni in service of a pasha from Calimshan believed that the Ring of Winter had the power to summon Cryonax. Legend holds that back during the Dawn Warin a battle on a now-forgotten mountain top, Cryonax shattered his teeth upon the armor of the dwarven god Moradin and that jagged primordial shards of this can still be found today.

More recent rumors claim that within the Chiseled Estate lives a coven of enslaved planetouched wizards and priestsmany of them either Ice genasi or water genasiwho work tirelessly to develop new forms of ice-based monsters for Cryonax's army. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Heroes of the Elemental Chaos. Wizards of the Coastp. Fiend Folio. TSR Hobbiesp.

Edited by Michele Carter and Ray Vallese. TSR, Inc. March Dragon Wizards of the Coastp.

D&D Stats in Simple Language

Dragon 93 TSR, Inc. The Inner Planes.


Tomb of Annihilation. Categories :. Cancel Save. This article is incomplete. You can help the Forgotten Realms Wiki by providing more information.

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