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woods bh7500 backhoe specs

Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Is a Woods backhoe too big for a Kubota B? I have the opportunity to get a year old Woods at a really good price but cannot find any specs online.

The owner thinks you need 40HP. It does not appear "large" but no idea of weight, etc.

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It is a 3pt how, so next is trying to figure out if a sub-frame mount is available or can be fabricated. Apparently it is too old for Woods to keep all the docs on their web site, I found one item but it does not have the info I need. If anyone has any knowledge, I'd appreciate it. Re: Is a Woods backhoe too big for a Kubota B? Originally Posted by fivespeedv8.

In my opinion the is too big and too heavy for your tractor. I doubt you can find a new factory made subframe to mate the to your tractor. A subframe could most definitely be made, it just depends on how deep your wallet is, or at least how handy you are at metal fab. If you go the custom route As a wild guess I'd expect it to double the cost of a thousand dollar subframe. Thanks, All - I think I'll keep lookin' We have a neighboring dealer who sold one to a customer that is not happy at all.

It is to heavy on the rear of the tractor with or without subframe. He has been having rear axle problems from it. I had a on a Yanmar D. Worked fine, hung it off the 3 pt, absolutely no problems other than the front end was light, very light. Worked it hard, and it just kept going. I now have it on a B with a reinforced 3 pt bracket.Click to Post a New Message! Post: Woods subrfame hydraulics I'm almost sold on a Woods backhoe for my Ford.

The only 2 things I'm concerned about are the subframe and hydrulics. The Kubota I looked at was a prety tight squeeze for the subframe on the rear. My Ford manual says that I have a 6. Does this tractor really have enough hydraulic capacity for a backhoe without using the PTO pump? If anyone has a backhoe with subframe on a orI'd like to see some pictures if possible.

Woods subrfame hydraulics It's a little hard to say about the compatibility of a sub-frame and tractor. I think that really should be up to the manufacturer and dealer who sell it to figure out. There's less of a chance of getting a definite answer if it's a used item in a private sale, but still Woods should be able to say what tractors their hoes will fit on. I think a and my have the same hydraulic pump. My Kelley B runs OK from tractor hydraulics. I guess the lift could be a little faster, but it's acceptable.

There should be minimum flow recommendations available for the hoe. There is an ROPS issue aside from the sub-frame mounting.

Some tractors require a higher ROPS than is standard for backhoe use. My hoe is a 3ph type. The seat is further from the tractor than a sub-frame typeso ROPS height isn't much of an issue for me anyway. Woods subrfame hydraulics Jim, You need to call Woods to see if they make a subframe for your model tractor. Subframes are made specifically to fit the tractor.

I will bet any amount of money you have to remove the 3 point lower arms but that is done easily and quickly. Being an engineer, the guy that redesigned and improved the already solid Wood's backhoe and got it manufactured in Bulgaria for a tremendous cost advantage, has one heck of a backhoe. The guy orders 30 at a time in containerized ocean shipped freight and can't order them fast enough to keep up with demand. Be prepared to pay to dollars for the Wood's subframe for your tractor to fit the backhoe, but it is well made and worth every penny.

If you are still open to looking at one heck of a well made backhoe and you like the Wood'sgive the guy a call at He will send you the sales and specification sheet, plus if he hasn't a dealer nearby you you can buy directly from him since he is the manufacturer. Woods subrfame hydraulics I sent an e-mail to woods and within a few hours had the manuals for both the subframe and hoe.It is currently mounted on a LT -7 Kubota tractor with a subframe.

The subframe is included with the sale. The Kubota tractor is not included in this sale, however all the hoses and adapters to fit this Kubota tractor are included. Manuals are included. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.

Woods Backhoe 7500 with 2 buckets-12" and 18" BH7500-1 and 86201

Like us on Facebook. Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 1 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 2 2 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 3 3 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 4 4 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 5 5 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 6 6 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 7 7 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 8 8 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 9 9 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 10 10 of 11 Woods Backhoe with 2 buckets" and 18" BH and 11 11 of 11 See More.

See Details on eBay Search Swurl. Recent Feedback.Read manual instructions and safety rules. The dealer must complete the Warranty Registration included in this manual. Both dealer and customer must sign the registration which certifies that all Dealer Check List items have been completed. The dealer is to return the prepaid postage portion to WOODS, give one copy to the customer, and retain one copy.

Note: Warranty credit is subject to this form being completed and returned. The information presented will prepare you to do a better and safer job.

Keep this manual handy for ready reference. Require all operators to read this manual carefully and become acquainted with all the adjustment and operating procedures before attempting to operate. Replacement manuals can be obtained from your dealer or, in the United States and Canada, by calling The equipment you have purchased has been carefully engineered and manufactured to provide dependable and satisfactory use. Like all mechanical products, it will require cleaning and upkeep.

Lubricate the unit as specified. Observe all safety information in this manual and safety decals on the equipment. Substitute parts will void the warranty and may not meet standards required for safe and satisfactory operation.

Record the model number and serial number of your equipment in the spaces provided:. Model: Sub-Frame Mounting Kit. Indicates an imminently hazardous situation that, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury, and includes hazards that are exposed when guards are removed.

Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.

woods bh7500 backhoe specs

Safety is a primary concern in the design and manufacture of our products. In addition to the design and configuration of equipment, hazard control and accident prevention are dependent upon the awareness, concern, judgement, and proper training of personnel involved in the operation, transport, maintenance and storage of equipment.Forum Rules.

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Woods Backhoe Purchase After re-reading the "great debate" on small backhoe ownership posted last September, I find myself at the crossroads of whether to join the "I have's" or remain with the "have not's" when it comes to CUT backhoe's.

Today I priced a Woods with subframe, 12" bucket and pto hydraulic pump, to be purchased from and installed by my NH dealer. Do I want to have it, yes.

woods bh7500 backhoe specs

Do I have a use for it, I believe I do and as said in the "great debate" I bet I would find alot more uses for it once I had it. Not trying to re-open the debate on small backhoe ownership, though I did enjoy all the good commentary in that discussion! No problems whatsoever. Almost the same setup that you looked into except I have the Woods 4 point hookup and the is the next size under.

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Real easy to mount and remove. You may want to consider that mount. Their easy to assemble, you may want to consider setting yours up.

I originally bought the for the B that I had. Woods may not offer this 4 point hookup on a cabless tractor, but it's worth looking into. Re: Woods Backhoe Purchase Which dealer did you talk to? I got a little better quote than that for the exact same setup last month. I'm more than likely going to get one early next month for my TC Still undecided between the Woods or a BushHog brand. Good luck with the purchase Rodger. Although the onboard pump provided the proper gpm requirement, the reservoir capacity didn't provide enough so I had to go with the aux pump and reservoir.

As with you, I don't feel as if I have to quantify a reason to buy an item and I willingly admit I never imagined the possibilities of uses. My concern of frame mount versus 3pt I opted for frame mount was because of the wear and tear on the 3pt.Click to Post a New Message! Post: Sean Donovan Post: Advice opinions on woods pto pump or tractor hyd hookup Greetings all, new to the group, been reading for a few days and have learned a lot.

I am purchaing a new Kubota L and woods backhoe.

Lot # 376a - WOODS BH7500 Backhoes

I am trying to decide whether to go with the pto pump hookup option or to run it off tractor hydraulics. Dealer is trying to sway me towards the pto pump option but I like the cleaner setup of running it off the tractor directly.

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I have an older arps 3pt hitch mounted backhoe currently in use on a IH with pto pump, the pump always has to be tied down or it will clatter around and I thought running off the tracotr might make the unit a little more powerfull but I don't know enough about the specifics to be sure. I don't run the tractor at pto speed unless I really need the digging power so I spend a fair amount of time digging at half throttle where I figured tractor hydraulics might be throwing out more power to the backhoe.

Woods BH7500 Backhoe Parts

Ohh one more question, the woods is available with 8" to 24" bucket sizes. I'm not trying to knock any trees over or remove any boulders just want to move more dirt faster for the occasional excavation project. Advice opinions on woods pto pump or tractor hyd hookup My advice would be to use the tractor hydraulics instead of the PTO pump.

The tractor you are buying has plenty of flow and power to run the BH. And like you said, it makes for a cleaner looking setup. I use the remote hydraulics for my backhoe on my Cuband it works fine. My Cub BH is a Woods with yellow paint.

I would recommend a 16" bucket as a good all around bucket. Any smaller and you'll spend a lot of time moving any appreciable amount of material. Any bigger, and it doesn't have enough power when the digging gets real tough. I've found the 16" bucket works well for digging stumps too. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Advice opinions on woods pto pump or tractor hyd hookup I have the on my JD with frame mount and pto pump and it works great. I dont have rear remotes so that effected my choosing. Rear remotes would be nice to have for other stuff but human nature will make you buy more expensive implements because you have them.

WoodMaxx WM-7600 3-point Hitch Backhoe Attachment ($5,150.00) 2015

IMO I think the seperate pump is cleaner functioning because the hyd. When I remove my loader, I always have a puddle of fluid on the ground and always looking for a rag to wipe off hands.

I have the 8in and 24in and dont regret it either. For example: 1 An eight inch trench footing or rat wall takes a lot less concrete to fill than a 12in.

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The has no problem handling the 24" in 95percent of soils. This was spring of Now if you see yourself burying alot of 12in culvert get the 12 or 16in. Also look at bradco hoes they seem awesome but dont know about price. Advice opinions on woods pto pump or tractor hyd hookup I'd check the Woods recommendations for minimum system pressure and flow, then see if the tractor hydraulics are within minimum recommendations for the hoe.

Of course, tractor specs that are below recommendations like would still work, but hoe wouldn't meet its speed or power specs. I'd use tractor hydraulics if they produce acceptable performance. A hydraulic hook up isn't too difficult if the tractor has a loader for safety, hoe equipped tractors have to have loaders. Additional valve assemblies aren't needed if the loader has a power beyond valve. A hook up is just running the power beyond line to the loader and back again plus making a line to splice the PB line together when the hoe isn't mounted.A woods backhoe is suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential use.

The Woods brothers Leonard, Mervel and Keith invented the now-famous piece of equipment. Let me ask you a quick question: Who built the very first tractor-mounted rotary cutter? If you answered the Woods Equipment Company, you would be correct. In the yearthe Woods brothers Leonard, Mervel and Keith invented that now-famous piece of equipment. Today, the Woods Equipment Company makes a full line of landscape equipment, loaders, mowers, rotary cutters, flail shredders, snow blowers, utility vehicles — and backhoes.

You will find Woods backhoes used today by utility and construction companies, outdoor nurseries, at golf courses and parks — even cemeteries! At last count, there were over a dozen different models of Woods backhoes. A typical model is their BH backhoe. The stabilizers on this Woods backhoe model have a spread of 83 inches when up, and inches when down. The maximum loading height on this model is 98 inches, and the maximum operating height is inches.

Another Woods backhoe is the model BH This backhoe has a 60 inch transport height and a 51 inch transport stabilizer spread. It has a maximum digging depth of between inches, depending on the bucket size. This Woods backhoe has an overall operating height of around 90 inches, a loading height of 54 inches One more popular Woods backhoe is the BH This backhoe has a reach below grade of The BH X has a transport height of The BHX, on the other hand, has a transport height of The overall operating height of these woods backhoes varies somewhat also: This Woods backhoe has a maximum reach below grade of inches with a standard bucket.

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